You now gain the chance to control your favorite real life professional wrestling icons as you play out their careers in this amazing roleplay.
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 USW Contract Template

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Mr. McMahon

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PostSubject: USW Contract Template   Tue Mar 15, 2011 8:51 pm

Screen Name:

Chosen Wrestler:

Face or Heel:

Entrance Theme:

Is the theme the one that this wrestler has always used?: Yes/No





Screen Name is the name you use to sign in.

Chosen Wrestler is the wrestler that you've chosen to promo as.

Face or Heel, is your wrestler a good guy in which the crowd cheers or a bad guy in which the crowd boos.

Entrance Theme is the song that will play when your character enters the ring.

Is the theme... etc, please answer with a yes or no.

Signatures are the signature moves performed to build up to your Finishers. Maximum limit of 5, Minimum of 3.

Finishers are the two finishing moves that your wrestler has, this way you can change them to whatever you want if need be. Maximum limit of 2, Minimum of 1.

Manager is the manager you've chosen if you want one. You don't have to have one.
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USW Contract Template
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