You now gain the chance to control your favorite real life professional wrestling icons as you play out their careers in this amazing roleplay.
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 General Forum Rules

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Mr. McMahon

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PostSubject: General Forum Rules   Wed Mar 16, 2011 9:31 am

-General Forum Rules-

1. Try not to double post, meaning if you have posted in a thread try and refrain from posting right after you've already posted. You may edit your post in order to finish your message.

2. Bumping topics, you may bump topics, however if a mod or admin have asked you to stop then do as they say and do not bump the thread again.

3. If a mod or admin ask you to do something, or to stop doing something, there should be no complaining or arguing about it. As far as authority on this site goes, it's Root Admin>Admins>Mods>Members.

4. However, EVERYONE is to show EVERYONE moderate respect. There will be no bitching, complaining or flaming because I will not handle it and you may be suspended. If you are suspended for a behavior problem it will be based on your offense. If the bad behavior continues you may be permanently banned, I hope it never comes to that and everyone can act grown up.

5. There will be no power trips either. Anyone who thinks they're going to be a mod or admin to boss people around is sorely mistaken.

6. Please post things in their intended sections, for example, do not post a roleplay in contract signing area. This should be common sense. Mods and admins do have the right to move topics if they're not in the right section.

7. If you're having difficulty in getting along with another member, do not carry your problems out over the boards, either take it to PM or bring it to me, the root admin.

There may be rules added if I feel the need to do so.
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General Forum Rules
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