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 Stable/Tag Team Contract Template

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Mr. McMahon

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PostSubject: Stable/Tag Team Contract Template   Wed Mar 16, 2011 9:18 am

Team Name:

Team Style: Tag Team/Stable?

Team Members:

Face or Heel Team:

Team Entrance Theme:

Team Signatures:

Team Finisher:



Team Name is what you've decided to name your team.

Team Style is whether your team is a tag team with two people or a stable in which more people can join.

Team Members are the members that have joined the stable/tag team.

Face or Heel Team is asking whether your team are good guys and people cheer, or bad guys and people boo.

Team Entrance Theme is the song that is playing when your team enters the ring.

Team signatures are signature moves used by the team, Maximum limit of 3, Minimum limit of 1

Team Finisher is the finishing move, or ultimate attack of the team. Team finishers must involve atleast two members. Maximum limit of 1, Minimum limit of 1.

Manager is the manager that you have chosen for this team. You do not have to have one.
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Stable/Tag Team Contract Template
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